#7 Michael Nikolaou 30-01-2013 16:34
Your presentation on perspective fields is fascinating!
#6 Chris Young 16-07-2012 16:35
This is just what I've been looking for. I'm in the middle of going through your website, but I hope to have some demos working soon using Mathematica and Graphing Calculator. Your theory does a spectacular job bringing order to and explaining a mass of miscellaneous results! Congratulations !

Chris Young
#5 Randy Hutson 26-01-2012 16:36
Great site, Chris. Very interesting papers on Perspective Fields. I am sure this will further the understanding of the structure of triangle geometery.
#4 Eric Danneels 25-12-2011 17:37
Dear Chris,

I've read your first text on perspective fields: impressive

I'm looking forward to see your next paper on the subject

Kind regards

Eric Danneels
#3 Steve Phelps 25-12-2011 16:38
Wow! Mind blowing work, Chris! I look forward to the rest!
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