My name is Chris van Tienhoven. I live in the Netherlands.

I was born in 1950 in a picturesque Dutch village right at the foot of a dike along the river Lek.
I grew up in Rotterdam near the harbours and that's where I attended primary and secondary School.
When I was 17 years old I moved to Leiden (the oldest university town in the Netherlands) to study Mathematics.
After graduation at Leiden University in 1975 I started to work in Information Technology.
I was a programmer, systems analyst, information analyst, senior consultant and project manager during this period at many places and many projects.
In 1994 I became the owner and director of a graphic company.
In 2008 I left the business so that I could spend more time with my family and at my mathematics hobby.
Now that I passed the age of 60 I start to realize what my engagement really is:
* to be an anchor for my family, relatives and immediate environment,
* understanding life and all things around me,
* bringing them back to the simplest form there is.
Main interests en hobbies
* mathematics, in particular geometry,
philosophical issues,
* hiking,
* music (playing guitar).
* In principle there is nothing a man can not understand.
* There are things you don't know, but know what you don't know, as long as you don't know.
* You need to rise above a problem to solve it.
* Mathematics is a beautiful means to learn thinking in concepts.
* Information Technology teaches us not to skip any detail in describing our environment.
* Problem solving starts with knowing what you know and admitting what you don't know.