nP-n-P5   nP-CC-Moebius Center

The nP-CC-Moebius Center is the Center of the nP-CC-Moebius Conjugate nP-n-Tf1.
It is first mentioned at Ref-66, QPG-message #689.

The nP-CC-Moebius Conjugate is a Moebius transformation valid for configurations of n points (n = 3, 4, …. ). It maps a point into another point. The transformation is bijective.
See for further information nP-n-Tf1.
nP n Tf1 & P5  nP CC Moebius Conjugate 01

• Moebius Center 3P-n-P5 = X(3) in ETC
• Moebius Center 4P-n-P5 = QA-P4 in EQF
• Moebius Center 5P-n-P5 = 5P-s-Tf8(5P-s-P4) in EPG